Assisting clients to explore the mission of their family wealth

Shelagh works with individuals and families who have made a decision to give back to society, but are not sure where to start, or those who would like to review their current giving strategies. Her services assist clients to explore the mission of their family wealth and how to integrate the responsibilities and benefits of that wealth into philanthropy.  She takes care to ensure that her clients are involved in a meaningful experience that translates their passions, interests and values into a dynamic and enjoyable experience of contributing to society. When legal or financial input is required, she works with specialist lawyers or with her clients’ own legal and financial advisors. .


Developing organisational strategies for sustainability.

Shelagh works with civil society organisations on their advancement and fundraising strategies.
This holistic approach can include the following :

A review of organisational purpose



Case for Support

External Engagement

Organisational form and function




Donor Care and Renewal

Sustainability models


Relationship building

Donor Prospects

Monitoring and Reporting


Confidently navigate and deal with complex environments

Shelagh works with civil society leaders on the understanding that such leaders have to confidently navigate and deal with complex environments, both externally and within their organisations. The basic requirements of executive leadership in this sector can appear overwhelming and include, inter alia, strategy, innovation for the future, financial sustainability, negotiating relationships with external stakeholders and employees, programme development and oversight, issues of accountability and the functionality of boards.  This means that the requirements of leadership often appear daunting, yet there is little support available and many are not fully prepared for their tasks.

Shelagh provides holistic advisory and mentoring services to leaders in the civil society sector based on her extensive knowledge and experience in the non-profit and philanthropy sectors. She understands that new and long-standing non-profit leaders are under continual pressure in a world that demands increased professionalism and measureable outcomes in the social sphere. Recognising that leading an organisation can be a lonely journey with few safe spaces where leaders can share their concerns and receive advice, Shelagh provides help and mentorship in order to maximise her clients’ leadership potential.


Working Towards University Advancement.

Shelagh’s work with higher education and other public institutions focuses on structuring their advancement and fundraising programmes, ensuring alignment with the objectives of the institution as well as their marketing and communications efforts.  She takes institutions through a strategy and planning process to develop a conceptual framework for their advancement and development structures to ensure that their fundraising efforts reach their maximum potential. In the course of this work, she assists institutions to develop an advancement operational plan with appropriate milestones, timelines and output.


As most of my services are bespoke, it is difficult to assess fees for specific projects until a clear brief has been received.
However, clients have generally chosen one of the options below


A retainer for a long-term project based on estimates for the bespoke work required.

Specific Fees

Specific fees for particular short-term projects, based on an estimated time required to complete the contract.

Time Spent

Fees based on time spent with the client recorded on a time log and including all work undertaken for the client.


Advisory meetings are billed hourly or part thereof.