Annual-Review-of-South-African-PhilanthropyDownload About the Review Every year, the Annual Review of South African Philanthropy aims to provide valuable public information on the nature, scope, achievements and challenges of some of the many hundreds of philanthropic organisations active in South Africa. In this fourth edition of the Annual Review,...

SCAT recognises the extraordinary role that its grantees play in their communities and the necessity for them to find a way to continue their work in the future and to improve and grow their services. This requires them to be resilient and sustainable. This SCAT toolkit on fundraising for community-based organisations provides a framework to achieve the above. The contents are appropriate to the requirements of CBOS, particularly in rural areas, and take into account the conditions and constraints under which they operate.

WORKING IN THE PHILANTHROPY SECTOR OVER THE YEARS, it was always evident to me that there was very little information available to government, the corporate sector, civil society, the media, academia and the public at large about the state of philanthropy in South Africa.